Desktop Modify - frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Q: I get "You don't have enough icons on desktop or reinitialization is required.", but I have more than 10 icons on desktop. What should I do?

If you have more than 10 icons on desktop seems that outside access to Windows icons got blocked. Most times, if you restart the computer you'll be able to run Desktop Modify without problems.

Q: Desktop Modify doesn't work, the desktop icons are arranged chaotically?

Important: You have to Disable Align to Grid and Auto arrange for desktop icons in order to let Desktop Modify control your desktop items position (otherwise it won't work):

For Windows XP users: Right click on Desktop, select Arrange Icons by and uncheck Align to Grid and Auto arrange, if they are checked

For Windows Vista/7 users: Right click on Desktop, select Viewy and uncheck Align to Grid and Auto arrange, if they are checked

Q: Desktop Icons are too big, how can I make them smaller?

Windows Vista/7 comes with big icons as default, but you can make them smaller in 2 ways:
- (method 1) : right click on desktop, select View and click on Classic Icons
- (method 2) : focus the desktop by clicking on an empty space, press and hold the CTRL key and use the mouse scroll to increase/decrease the size of your icons

Q: How can I update My Cool Desktop to the latest versions?

You just have to click here, download the installation file than install over your existing installation(install in same location). That's all.

Desktop Modify Help

Here is how to use the program interface:

Desktop Modify FAQ

Select shapes from the list  This panel allows you to select different shapes for your desktop layout. Select an item from the list to load the shape. To get more shapes change the category from the box above the shapes list, each category has a specific number of reprezentative shapes, for ex. in the 'Nature' category are some shapes that can turn your desktop icons layout into a nice leaf or a flower

Adjust shape This panel allows you to set the position and dimension of the shape(icons layout) on the screen. You can easily decrease the size if you have a small amount of icons or you can move the shape to the left of the screen, for example, to let visible the details located in the right side of the wallpaper.

Quick save and restore layouts You can save the current desktop layout with a click, hitting the RIGHT mouse button on the 'Save current layout' button allows you to save the layout with a description. Click on 'Restore layouts' button from the top menu to restore one of the previously saved layouts.

Auto blend Auto blending is useful when you want to see the desktop layout changes in real time, without minimizing or moving the application window. When auto blend is checked, each time you hold the mouse button down adjusting a shape setting the window becomes transparent allowing you to see how the icons are getting arranged. You can modify the transparency level from the Options.

Desktop Modify

Manage saved layouts - very useful when you change resolution frequently/having more than one monitor and your desktop layout is changed many times losing your memorized icons position. You may save a new layout with a description, just press the 'Save new layout' button with the RIGHT mouse button.

In order to change the description of a saved layout just select it, set the new description in the edit box and press 'Set description''.

'Replace selected layout' replaces the layout with the current desktop layout.